Drinks & Dresses in Canberra, ACT

Drinks & Dresses in Canberra, ACT

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We are taking Drinks & Dresses on a road trip 
to the beautiful Avenue Hotel, 80 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon ACT

There are three levels of service for you to choose from...

Drinks & Dresses in a Group 

Book in with some friends or join a Group Session and meet other women. 
This Group Session has a limit of three women, for a Personalised Shopping Experience.

Jo Lucchesi will guide you through Josephene Styles and gorgeous Fabrics. Discover how wearing Josephene clothing can be more f
lattering and forgiving, when clothing is designed to fit for your Bosom, Belly and/or Bottom.

Enjoy sipping sparking wine and try on garments.
Join a group or organise a group, up to 3 women.
$59 each, for 90 minutes.

Personal Fitting 

You’ll have Jo Lucchesi’s undivided attention and expertise with your one on one Personal Fitting. During your Personal Fitting, Jo Lucchesi will guide you to find your most flattering fit for your Bosom, Belly and Bottom.

Enjoy wearing clothing that has you looking fabulous and feeling confident. Discover how to create a mix and match wardrobe.

Enjoy sipping Sparkling wine and try on garments. What a beautiful experience.
$159 for 90 minutes


Pants Fitting & Personal Pattern 

You’ll have Jo Lucchesi’s undivided attention and expertise with a one on one Personal Pants Fitting. During your Pants Fitting, Jo Lucchesi will guide you to find your most flattering fit for your Belly, Bottom and Legs.

There are three Pants styles to choose from, Slim Line, Tapered or Wide Leg. Length is tailored to your body.

Josephene Pants have a wide jersey band which hugs from the top of your Belly down to the smile of your Belly. This gives your Belly a gorgeous hug and smooth line. This band is tailored to your body.

The next step is choosing your fabric for your Personal Pants. Pricing from $399.

Jo Lucchesi will then draft a Personal Pants Pattern with your name on it, upon returning to her Studio. The Pattern remains the property of Josephene for your future Pant orders.

Enjoy sipping Sparkling wine while having your Personal Pants Fitting. What a beautiful experience.
Pants Fitting $159 for 90 minutes + $240 Personal Pants Pattern [valued at $693] = $399 Total

Booking fees are non-refundable and can be transferred to another time. 

Book today!