Personal Fitting Booking

Personal Fitting Booking

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Fit matters.
Depending on your height, your size, your shape, finding clothing to fit and flatter can seem impossible. 

It can feel like there is something wrong with your body. 
Truth is, your body is not wrong. The fit of the clothing is wrong.

See how Julie and Jo look fabulous wearing the same dress, 
yet in their own Personal Fits!
Different heights, different sizes, different lengths, different necklines. 
Same great look and fit. 

Jo Lucchesi can fit your Bosom, Belly and Bottom,
with the right Neckline and Hemlines,
so you look fabulous and feel confident. 

The Personal Fitting for 90 minutes,
with Jo Lucchesi to guide you for styles, fabric, colour and fit,
with the current Josephene Collection,
and a glass of Prosecco,

what a beautiful way to shop! 

Personalised Patterns made to measure,
to fit you,
with your name on it,
will be available from $99 for one pattern piece,
$159 per Top style, $199 per Dress style and $399 per Pant style.

This will make it so easy for you to order your Personalised Fit again and again and again. How exciting!